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The owner is greedy and fired many of the beloved caregivers who have worked for her for years and hired employees with less experience for little salary. We made a choice at that point to remove our child due to a lifestyle change/job change.

Ilene requires you always pay a month ahead so we gave 2 months notice that we would not be returning and would like our september payment back. She now refuses to answer our calls or emails and thinks we are going to just let it go. We overlooked quite a bit because we loved his caregivers but basically all you pay for is 4 hours of naps Ilene provides nothing and canceled the only music class because she is greedy. Daycare is expensive and we really need our money, she didn't care about our kid then and she doesn't care now.

We will not give up.

Her policy states she has 2 months to return our money I guess just not our phone calls. I suppose a lawyer and court will be next or maybe a call to 311 and a message on every local parent group in the neighborhood.

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All daycares are licensed

These negative reviews(read them carefully ) were posted by one disgruntled employee . It is ashame that these sights are allowed to post misinformation. Ilene's sunflower

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